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Customer-Focused, Efficiency-Driven

L&S Energy Services, Inc. provides a broad spectrum of energy services to the commercial, industrial, institutional, and multifamily marketplace.  Our services include building energy audits and retrofit analysis, building diagnostic instrumentation and analysis, design of energy efficient technologies, market analysis of emerging technologies, LEED® and sustainable/green building services, energy rate studies and energy conservation program management.  Our experience includes all types of buildings and building complexes, from multifamily properties to large industrial plants and campus facilities.

L&S Energy Services, Inc. offers its clients the unparalleled experience of a large national firm, coupled with the personal attention available only from a dedicated energy consulting organization. 

L&S staff have the skills and knowledge to assist in all stages of energy efficiency projects from identification and preliminary investigation through detailed economic analysis, installation and commissioning. We can evaluate existing and proposed energy efficiency measures in new and existing buildings to assist with:

     · Evaluating competing systems and energy efficiency opportunities
     · Analyzing and comparing energy use for various system design choices 
     · Value-added design services and system energy-utilization optimization
     · Green building and LEED® services
     · Building energy system modeling
     · Comparative economics and life cycle costing
     · Commissioning services for new and existing buildings
     · Energy analysis and energy master planning
     · Energy use tracking
     · Energy commodity rate assessment and procurement